FIGHTSENSE Hip Resistance Band Circle Fitness Loop Peach Booty Squat Lunge Gym Green

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FIGHTSENSE Exercise Resistance Bands are perfect for anyone who is wishing to build stronger muscles by adding a full motion in the legs, thighs and butt. Carry your handy Gym wherever you go. Our exclusive Loop Resistance Bands construction has been attentively designed with continuous performance to ensure supremely enhanced workouts and achieve greater isolation during workout. Designed to remove the need for dynamic stretching with a painful band around your legs. The Fabric Resistance Band comfortably stays around your legs without digging in.

Key Features:>

  • Made with soft thick durable fabric,do not roll up like latex loop bands.
  • Strong and durable, more comfortable than plastic/rubber bands.
  • Intensify all your leg and butt workouts with resistance bands.
  • Add heavy duty resistance and hip activation for all exercises such as squats, hip thrusts, abductors, kickbacks.
  • Non-slip design, Inner grip layer with non-slip stripe prevents any slipping or rolling.
30 days Money back or replacement (buyer's choice)